A vision for sports, and beyond.

Sicksports is a social-fueled media brand totally informed by the mobile-native demographic (the #Generation). What we’re creating isn’t a new product; it’s a vision for social and media as one.

Through the power of technology, the world is overwhelmed by an endless stream of content; social is media, and content is social. With a Founders’ team that’s equally rooted in media and technology, Sicksports is defining experiences that cut the clutter and embrace their union – combining personal relevance, social popularity and quality content from sources that matter.

Sports for the #Generation

Sicksports started with this insight: no social or media site caters to sports for the #Generation. On social sites, there are followers who don’t care about their sports. On media sites, there are sports stories and sources they don’t care about.

Why sports? For this demographic, sports are central to their lives. Most participate in sports, creating vital social circles and shaping their self-identities. As fans, sports are also fodder for social currency. Being the first to know what’s trending earns bragging rights with friends and opens doors to new connections.

Sicksports’ mobile products fuel social currency around sports. A mission-driven company, Sicksports is a positive force for youth – championing and inspiring them in their personal journeys through the power of sports.

Our team

Every member of the Sick Founders team has a work history with others in the group, and geeks out as much on music and design as sports and technology. To ensure our products are hyper-focused on youth audiences, Sicksports’ office in San Francisco buzzes with six high school, college and grad school interns. Fueled by an endless supply of chips and chocolate, the talented group has had a hands-on role in shaping the apps.

Glenna Patton
Founder, CEO
Creating Sicksports brings Glenna’s career full circle, uniting her experience inventing and reinventing brands in media, technology, and youth markets — as well as sports content.
  • VP, Global Brand Strategy and Design, Hewlett-Packard
  • SVP, Marketing and Communications, MTV Networks International
  • VP, Marketing and Communications, Sci Fi Europe
  • Marketing Director, Bonton (Prague start-up, the market leader in music, film and home entertainment)
  • Freelance stage manager and highlights producer, CBS Sports, ESPN, Raycom Sports
Michael Plaut
Chief Financial Officer
Michael is responsible for operations, finance and HR. A serial entrepreneur, he brings 20+ years of startup leadership experience in mobile, SaaS and media companies that have captured important markets.
  • COO, Line 2 (2011 CES Best Mobile App award)
  • President, Vytek Wireless Messaging (#1 global product, company acquired twice)
  • CFO/VP Operations, FVS Media (created multimedia products for Newsweek, TurboTax, Chevron)
Greg Johnson
Chief Experience Officer
Greg is responsible for the brand, product and experience design for all of Sicksports' touchpoints. Greg spent more than 20 years in a range of marketing, creative and technical roles with top brands and agencies.
  • VP, Brand and Creative, Nuance Communications
  • Global Creative Director, HP
  • Creative Director at top digital agencies, including Foote, Cone & Belding and Digitas
Mike Zawitkowski
Director of Products & Analytics
Mike is our learning machine. Combining over a decade of experience in product for early stage companies with a voracious appetite for data, Mike makes our app more intelligent with smarter algorithms and smarter team management.
  • Senior Manager of Products & Projects, slap
  • Head of Product and QA, Line2
  • Electronics tinkerer and drone/robotics enthusiast
Arash Payan
Lead Engineer
Arash is the app whisperer, having developed software for 15 years starting with desktop and server apps, then moving into mobile apps when iOS, then Android, arrived.
  • Expertise spans the entire software development stack, from server metal to user interfaces
  • Recent app products include Bonsai Slice and Line2
Editorial & Design Team
This multi-talented, committed team is embedded in all aspects of Sicksports operations:
  • Alvaro Alfaro, Monisha Rajasekaran & Santino Di Santo, Senior Editors
  • Khufu Najee & Matt Connolly, Hosts
  • Daniel Nelson, Editorial and Social Media
  • Rob Werner, Alison Davis & Austin Webster, Contributors
Scott Sternberg
Business Development
Scott is a consultant to Sicksports on partnerships. He’s helped tech and media companies realize and scale rapid growth during his 20+ year career operating at the intersection of business and product.
  • Founder and Managing Partner, Starhill Partners
  • VP, International Digital Media, ESPN
  • Senior Director, Business Development, Yahoo! – including strategic partnerships with FIFA World Cup and SBC
  • Senior Director, New Market Development, @Home
Bowstring Studios, Production Partners
With nationally recognized expertise in youth-targeted sports content, Bowstring produces all Sicksports original content as a stakeholder in the company. Recent productions:
  • American Family Insurance “Get to the Game” series
  • US Army All-American Bowl on NBC
  • Branded content for major brands at the Super Bowl, Oscars, Sundance Film Festival
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